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1966 Chevelle Malibu Ragtop

My Chevelle is the never ending project. I bought it about 10 years ago as a clean daily driver and have maintained it that way. Now it's time for more. I just built a new 355 for it, and will install it along with a "front clip restoration". This will involve removing front sheet metal, clean and paint frame, smooth firewall, rebuild front end, new springs, disc brakes, and last but not least A/C!!!... Upon completion the rear end will get new paint, springs, bushings and yes, disc brakes. Next will be new floor pans (existing ones are good but patched) paint the interior and install the new carpet and trim I allready have on hand. Then it will be time for fresh red paint and new top! All I lack is finishing up!!


1980 Chevy SWB Silverado

Why did I choose a 1980 pickup for a project? Well, besides the fact that I like them, this one was my Dad's. On rare occaisions, when I was in high school, he would let me take my girlfriend out in it.... Good memories!! I bought it from him a few years ago and I work on it when my other projects frustrate me... Now that my barn is finished, she is getting a little more attention. Since it is 100% rust free, it will get a cab-on-frame restoration. I have pulled the bed to clean paint the back 1/2 of the frame, freshen up the suspension, etc... next will be pull the front clip, detail all, and replace the non-original 305 with a 350... then new interior, then paint!


1951 Chevy Sedan Delivery

I have always wanted a Sedan Delivery! After some searching on EBAY and the usual places, I found this locally by just driving down the road! I saw it behind a local automobillia/antique dealer, stopped in and made a deal. Two hours later a tow truck brought it home! It needs sheet metal work to the lower front of the quarters but is other wise very solid....


2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71

My Tahoe is my true daily driver. I love TAHOES !! In fact, this is my third one! While it isnt really a project, I would like to add a brush guard and radios (HAM).



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